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It became a tradition on Sunday morning: I read are Instagram scrolling, see pictures of weddings several my friends attended this weekend, I click on the hashtag of marriage, I have a clock in the silence of 15, 20, sometimes 50 photos of what often is the bride of an unknown. Try again. Fast food is known to be high in fat, sugar and salt and frequent consumption of Fast Food can get your ex back kevin a poor diet, which can increase the risk of chronic diseases and obesity, help with food (e. g, heart disease and hypertension). In fact, when Morgan Spurlock has begun a 30-day experiment, to eat all meals at McDonald, carried 25 kilos and doctors were concerned about their health. Burgers and fries are full of fat and salt, and large sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks are full of sugar. Fast food products and more traditional that are loaded with calories. With so much attention on the relationship between obesity and eating fast food industry improved its offerings over the years? It seems that today's decisions are much more healthy, a new study confirms. According to the researchers, the nutritional quality of Fast Food establishments has only improved slightly over 14 years. The study, published in the American Journal of preventive medicine and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation analyzed eight albums of chain fast food menu: McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Arby, Jack in the box and the Dairy Queen. The menus were compared between the years 1997/1998 in 2009/2010. HealthDay: scores menu is not changed, because the whole fruit fruits green whole, total, oranges and dark vegetables, legumes, grains, grain oils, total, and vegetables. The good news is that the solid fats improves results for meat, fats and calories from added sugars. On the other hand dozens of products/milk and sodium deteriorated. The overall nutritional quality score of 48 associated with these eight restaurants fell below the average American diet. What I have with my research on the size of the parts of fast-food, published in the November issue of the American Journal of preventive medicine, found that while the fast food establishments offer healthy elements, further adding new elements. Large size also means more calories! I wrote to HuffPost, continues to increase in the first decade of the 21st century. Top fast-food chains and restaurants will introduce new large parts. Food companies introduced larger burgers, burritos, pizzas and sandwiches. Some of these items in individual parts (i.e., the marketing of a person) contain more than 1000 calories. Wendy's Baconator Triple Burger contains, for example, about 1300 calories and Burger King triple Whopper contains 1140 calories. Observed in this new study, while modest in fast food deals over the years were the authors have underlined that much more that can be done, especially Fast Food is so pervasive in our food. The authors noted that more than 25 percent of American adults eat fast food at least twice a week. While we look forward to allow the food industry that is soon to offer healthy choices, here what time can do, if you want to enjoy fast food also. Choose from a single hamburger in double or triple rooms. Choose a dish with chicken in a dish of meat. Faced with a choice between a hamburger, a sandwich or grilled chicken salad, I recommend you opt for the chicken. Skip the fries. Or, if necessary, choose small. Choose water instead of soda. Save a lot of unnecessary sugar and calories. Water diet okay!Add a salad to your meal. Choose whole fruit on the cake for dessert. For example an Apple Apple Pie, instead of buying. Eat slowly. Chew well. And enjoy the company that accompanies it. And finally, eating fast food in bulk. For more information on the Deutsche Reichsbahn Lisa Young, click here. Click here to learn more about nutrition and. .